I've been all over the place since my last post.. I now live in TN attempting my 2 yr tattoo/piercing apprenticeship. In attempt to stay here I opened an IndieGoGo and am creating art in exchange for donations. If you have the time I'd be very grateful even just for viewing it. Even more grateful if you shared it and helped spread the word.
My IndieGoGo (also some of my art is posted as well)

Don't know if anyone would be interested

finally did this.

2012-05-08 12:20:39 by Wolfcrap

I've been an avid lurker of this site for so long.. finally took the plunge. So hello all? I'll post some of my art soon enough. I really want to get better at digital art. Time and effort I suppose. And I have an interest in voice acting. Everyone I know says I should. any advice?